The human brain is always on the alert for danger. It works consistently at monitoring for new threats. That is how the brain is wired. Normally, this is not a problem, however a recent study concluded that when someone spends the night in a new place, this survival mechanism could work against the person. The…



There are studies out that explain the importance of sleep, in particular on our mental health. A recent study conducted on Firefighters suggests this correlation may be from not being able to access emotional regulation strategies such as problem solving skills. “Our study findings suggest that firefighters with sleep difficulties are likely to experience greater…



We have all heard growing up how important sleep is for us. We would roll our eyes when our parents who tell us we need our sleep. There is a current study out from UC Berkeley that gives parents more ammunition to present teenagers the importance of a good night sleep. “Teenagers and adults who…



Most people have heard to that sleep is important to us. Parents trying to get their infants to bed at a reasonable time are age old struggles. Some parents pay less attention to bed times as children get older. Getting their child to bed at a decent time seems to be the main goal. However,…



Researchers have discovered an association between sleep problems in children and mental health problems. Poor sleep has been found to be linked to ADHD and Depression in children. 4 year old children with insomnia are 17% more likely to have mental health problems. 6 year old children are 43% more likely. The number rises as…



For individuals  experiencing problems with their sleep, not only does it effect their quality of life on a daily basis, but may also have long term effects as well.  According to a recent study, those struggling with sleep problems (snoring, apnea) developed cognitive problems later in life. The sleep challenged people showed signs of cognitive…



Almost all teenagers love to sleep in and stay up late! However this has a legitimate cause that can’t be helped!  This is caused by circadian rhythms, or our biological clocks changing by as much as two hours during the adolescent years! These clocks typically make it difficult for a teenager to fall asleep before…



  Everyone knows that one of the most difficult jobs is being a mother. Except, now we are discovering just what kind of tolls this job can take on a person. New mothers or mothers of sick children typically get very little sleep, which can negatively affect their health. When such small sleep in gained,…



Our quality of sleep effects our mental and physical health and how well you sleep is influenced by genetics. A recent study on sleep detected “two genetic variations to sleep duration.”  Although these variations only amounted to a few minutes difference in sleep, it gives us a better understanding of sleep. There are other variables…



How much sleep do humans really need? Is there a way to make up for lost sleep? Is snoring bad for you? We all have questions about that elusive mystery we call sleep. We’ll cover the most popular assumptions about sleep and what the research actually shows. #1: People need less sleep as they age….