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Myers Counseling Group, located in Crystal Lake, IL, offers comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services. We believe all people have the capacity to lead fulfilling lives. For your convenience, MCG accepts a variety of insurance plans and offers flexible payment plans for those without insurance. Visit our insurance section to view a short video on managing your health care benefits.
Please contact us at mark@myerscounseling.com

Mark and Janet are pleased to announce our book is completed and goes on sale on July 24th, 2019. Falling Trees guides individuals and Families through the challenges of substance misuse and addiction.  We provide information, case examples, strategies, and approaches on Substance Use Disorders.  Click for more information….



Counseling Services:

Depression and Mood Disorders

Chemical Dependency Services

Substance Abuse Education/Prevention Programs

Drug Testing (oral, urine, hair, synthetic drugs)

Couple Counseling

Children/Adolescent Services

Anger Management

Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Work Related Problems

Steroid Abuse Counseling

Group Therapy

Consulting Services:

Clinical Supervision


Media Advice

Customized Presentation

Program Development

Educational Seminars on Workplace Topics