Do you feel lost? Unsure what to do with yourself or time because you feel uninspired and unmotivated? Does this feeling of being lost impact you in a way that hinders your ability to function? If you found that you’ve answered yes to any of these, look no further. I want you to take a…



By: Lexy Moscinski Everyone experiences a different level of feeling. Whether those feelings are intense or mild, dealing with certain emotions can be difficult. This all relates to bottling up one’s feelings – whether we’re holding back tears in an attempt to appear calm and collected, or suppressing the love we feel for another to…



Our society has taught us a lesson or two on how to hide powerful emotions, but according to research, inhibiting strong emotions can actually have a negative impact on our health. Rather than bottling up strong emotions, the study’s author, Dr. Allison Troy, suggests we “reframe” our thoughts – this is called cognitive reappraisal. “Our research…



When people are sad, tears sometimes follow. Crying is an expression of a feeling. We can also associate tears with laughter. It can be confusing how two emotions completely opposite could produce the same physical response.   Researchers from Yale University conducted a research looking for a better understanding of this response. Their research findings “that…



The difference between thoughts and feelings are that thoughts are created by impressions we have and feelings are a result of the thoughts. These impressions are based on previous experiences, individual personalities, family history and current situations. Our thoughts…. click for more



When an event happens and another separate event results from that, that is referred to as a ripple effect  or secondary effect. For instance, if an earthquake erupts, the effects of that may create a Tsunami. If  a war starts in one country, the stock market could react to that by stocks plummeting.  Sometimes the…