Depression is a debilitating disorder. It impacts not only on those experiencing the disorder but loved ones as well. It would be helpful to know how she sees her problem. Does she see herself as being depressed or is that your observation? If she does see herself as depressed, what steps your girlfriend taken to…



Many of us who have gone through an end of a meaningful relationship can understand how emotional the experience is. A broken heart is difficult to deal with. Songs, people, places, or even mentioning of the ex brings about intense feelings.  Obsession about the relationship becomes consuming and can affect daily living. Through advancements in…



Environmental factors have been shown to influence our emotional and physical health. If we are living in a stressful or unhealthy situation that is going to have a significant effect on us. Stress takes its toll. This certainly extends to healthy relationships. A study in the journal of Gerontology was conducted that linked spousal health…



In football, there is a play teams utilize at the end of a game called the Hail Mary pass. If a team is down on points and time is just about out in the game, they have all their receivers run to a specific part of the end zone. The quarter back throws the ball…



There are different parts to your concern. First, my guess is this issue goes beyond the challenges of a long distant relationship. From what I could gather your depression has been getting worse over time. There are probably other factors at play here that are influencing your depression. It does not appear that you have…



The end of a relationship can seem like the end of the world, especially if you were not that wanted to end it. My first concern would be your thoughts of hurting yourself. That needs to be immediately click for more



There are many special rewards to being in a rewarding relationship. Studies indicate the individuals live longer and are more happy in fulfilling relationships. Having the friendship, support, and understanding of a significant other is very important for most people. Building a good life together is a continuous and sometimes challenging process. Couple dissolution could…



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Mark Myers expert Answer to: Dating and Relationships: How can a man who doesn’t trust anyone find a girlfriend/wife? The fact that you see this issue as your problem,that is a good start. Often times individuals with trust issues may blame their struggles on others(women cannot be trusted) rather than themselves(I have a trust issue)….



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