You are what you eat – quite literally. While we’ve always known our diet has an effect on our physical health, new research shows that our brain actually functions differently depending on our diet. Consuming healthier foods with plenty of “antioxidants, minerals and vitamins” help prevent our brain from “oxidative stress” which can damage cells….





It’s always important to make healthy diet choices, and according to research, blueberries can help memory and cognitive function overall. The study was performed on 47 older adults with mild cognitive impairment. Some individuals were given a blueberry powder for 16 weeks, while the other half of people were given a placebo. Professor Robert Krikorian,…



Adolescents who eat healthy diets packed with fruit and vegetables have lower rates of mental health problems, a study shows. A study of 3000 adolescents has found that those who had poor diets filled with junk and processed foods were more likely to suffer mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. While other studies…