Goal setting is an important skill to have as you continue through life.

But, how does one even begin to set goals? What do you need to make your goals work? Well first, let’s look at what could be hindering your ability to reach your goals.

Time, money, and ability.

You may have a goal that’s pressing on your time, and with your daily life, you may not be able to achieve it right away. Or, a different goal may require a lot of money, which can disappear in the face of emergency in any moment. And finally, your ability to meet a goal can change how you view your goal in the first place, for better or worse.

But, “these 3 obstacles can each be overcome as long as you’re willing to consider adjusting your goals as each obstacle presents itself to you.”

Overall, being successful within your goals is all about adjusting the way you manage them. Some goals that you have to complete in a certain timespan may just need a little extra time. Some goals that need more money may require you to alter your spending and save more. And in the end, some goals that test your abilities are goals that will only help you grow.

It’s important to not set too high of standards for yourself, thus setting yourself up for failure. Realize that all people make mistakes and have to make adjustments. Making mistakes does not define your ability as a person,  nor does it need to hinder your goals.