Postpartum Depression occurs when a new mother starts experiencing depressive symptoms after having her child

This disorder is extremely common, but according to a new study performed by NC State University, 1 in 5 mothers experiencing these symptoms don’t report it to their doctors.

Clinical psychologist and PhD student, Betty-Shannon Prevatt, claims these women don’t want to be stigmatized if they report their symptoms.

“They are afraid of being judged…they feel like because their experience doesn’t match that Johnson and Johnson’s commercial, that they’re failing as a mother or maybe aren’t meant to be a mother.” states Prevatt.

Regardless of how common this disorder is, many new mothers still struggle with admitting they’re experiencing symptoms. Prevatt highly suggests a support plan for new mothers to come into play: “Coming up with that support plan before she needs it might actually be a great, easy intervention…not only would it be great prevention, but if she were to experience that postpartum mood disorder, she’s more likely to get assistance.”