If you have social anxiety, you may be more likely to use a crutch to get through your day to day.

According to new research, social anxiety disorder may directly have an effect on alcoholism – the study analyzed over 2,000 adults with a variety of anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder. All of these individuals were then assessed for alcoholism (“Social anxiety,” 2019).

It was found that social anxiety disorder “had the strongest association with alcoholism, and it predicted alcoholism over and above the effect of other anxiety disorders. In addition, social anxiety disorder was linked with a higher risk of later developing alcoholism, whereas other anxiety disorders were not” (“Social anxiety,” 2019).

Researchers state that social anxiety disorder is often undertreated; meaning individuals with the mental illness may be more likely to use other avenues to cope. Cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy would are well-suited treatment options for individuals who suffer with this illness, and hopefully can help combat the development of unhealthy coping habits (“Social anxiety,” 2019).

Reference: Wiley. (2019, March 6). Social anxiety disorder may increase risk of alcoholism. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 10, 2019 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190306081741.htm