Some pain can be worse than others, but according to a new study, pain occurring in the “head, face, eyeballs, ears, and teeth” can be the most emotionally draining pain to deal with.

Within this study, it was found that many of the neurons connected to face and head are actually  directly linked to emotion centers in the brain. All other parts of the body are as well, but the face and head have a much more direct line to these emotion centers.

“Usually doctors focus on treating the sensation of pain, but this shows that we really need to treat the emotional aspects of pain as well,” stated Fan Wang, a professor of neurobiology and cell biology at Duke University, and senior author of the study.

Interestly enough, those who experience pain in their face/head have heightened levels of activity within the amygdala, which is one of our emotion control centers. The study evaluated this finding by testing how an individual’s brain would respond to irritation on the face, versus on other parts of the body.

Sure enough, it was found that neurons in the face and head have a more direct impact on our emotional state due to stronger connections between neurons.