Watch out, your smartphone may be able to control your brain!

According to new research, a device has been invented that can control neural circuits in the brain with a small implant. The device uses drug cartridges and low energy Bluetooth to hone in on certain neurons (“Scientists can now”, 2019).

“Drug cartridges” that were replaceable allowed researchers to utilize the implant for an extended time to study its affects on neural pathways`. This implant was tested on mice and gave researchers the ability to target specific areas of the brain with light and drugs while not even being present in the lab (“Scientists can now”, 2019).

“’It allows us to better dissect the neural circuit basis of behavior, and how specific neuromodulators in the brain tune behavior in various ways…we are also eager to use the device for complex pharmacological studies, which could help us develop new therapeutic for pain, addiction, and emotional disorders. This device has already helped researchers further analyze neural circuits that affect stress, depression, anxiety, addiction and pain (“Scientists can now”, 2019).

Reference: University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine. (2019, August 5). Scientists can now manipulate brain cells using smartphone. ScienceDaily. Retrieved August 11, 2019 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/08/190805143525.htm

Photo credit: Unsplash.com