“Quick, let me take a selfie” – says our young generation today.

According to new research, “adults between the ages of 18 and 25 believe [their own generation] is the most narcissistic and entitled living generation.” Millennials believe this is a fact but are also offended by it (“Attention Young people”, 2019).

This assumed conclusion could have developed from when psychologists argued from data that young adults “have grown increasingly self-absorbed (“Attention Young people”, 2019).

“‘There’s this huge debate in psychology and there has been for years…but no one had taken the time just to basically say, ‘Well, how do these kids feel about that?’” stated Dr. Josh Grubbs, a psychology professor at Bowling Green State University (“Attention Young people”, 2019).

To test this ‘narcissist’ perspective, an experiment was crafted where researchers collected data on students’ various reaction to “insulting generational labels, including that they are overly sensitive, easily offended, narcissistic or entitled”.

It was found overall, that the younger generation believes they have these negative traits, but don’t want to associate with them, because they are distressing. A part of narcissism is viewing self-absorption as a positive thing – if millennials don’t feel this way, they aren’t all self-absorbed.  In fact, social media is the main culprit, allowing people to find entitled individuals much more easily (“Attention Young people”, 2019).

“ ‘Maybe the whole generation isn’t more narcissistic, there’s just variability between folks,’” stated Grubbs (“Attention Young people”, 2019).

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