All of us need our alone time – and according to a recent study, spending more time alone is actually linked to an increase in creativity, if the time spent alone is self-motivated.

On the other hand, social withdrawal has been linked to a lot of negative things, such as fear and anxiety – that is why self-motivation is important when one isolates themselves socially.

“Motivation matters… when people think about the costs associated with social withdrawal, [they often think it’s bad for developing youth not to interact with others]… Although unsociable youth spend more time alone than with others, we know that they spend some time with peers, but they [actually enjoy their solitude], and are able to think creatively and develop new ideas.” Stated Dr. Julie Bowker, the study’s first author.

All in all, social withdrawal with personal motivation behind it, alongside having the ability and ‘want’ to still be social, is related to higher levels of creativity.