Are you an adolescent with back pain? If so, you may want to watch out for your health.

According to new research, teens that experience back pain are much more likely to utilize drugs, alcohol and to make poor choices.

Researchers examined 6500 teenagers, and analyzed how often these individuals reported smoking, drinking, and missing school. It was found that those who experienced more pain, actually have worse behaviors. “14-15 year olds that experienced pain more than once a week were 2-3 times more likely to have drunk alcohol or smoked in the past month than those who rarely or never had pain.”

Interestingly enough, this occurrence of pain tracks into adulthood, and could predict poor overall health and disease throughout life.

“Findings like this provide an argument that we should be including pain in the broader conversation about adolescent health…unfortunately our understanding of the causes and impacts of pain in this age group is quite limited, the area is badly in need of more research,” stated Steven Kamper, the paper’s lead author.