Myers Counseling Group offers therapeutic tools that may assist clients. We suggest that you use these tools with your therapist. They are designed to aid in the therapeutic process, not replace it.


Anger Management Thermostat

A visual representation of your anger, along with examples of what might cause it.

Anger Meter

This personal survey will help you to gauge your feelings throughout the week on a scale of 1-10.

Cool Thoughts

This worksheet shows examples of how adapting to a different mindset can help you get through your frustrations.

How Anger Works 

A visual aid in explaining the way anger builds itself into a toxic feedback-loop.

Anger (Child)  

Anger LogAnger Map 

Writing prompts to help gain clarity and explore your anger.

Anger Match stick (Child) 

A worksheet that can help children address what makes them feel angry, as well as what can help calm them.

Anger Rules (Child) 

A guide that helps direct a child on what to do when they experience anger.

Anger (Umbrella Emotion )

A descriptive visual aid giving examples on how anger can hide other emotions.

Ref: Drew, Jessie. Umbrella Emotion 2019


A worksheet to help kids match facial expressions with different emotions, along with

writing prompts to help them explore their own feelings

How Big is Your Anger (Child) 

A therapeutic worksheet to help children visualize their anger

Ref:\What can I do Anger Child

What can I do, Anger (Child) 

A radial visual aid showcasing actions to take when angry. 

Worry Temperature

A worry temperature gauge to monitor children’ns level of anger     


Activity Log

Weekly log that helps gauge how you felt doing different activities.

Anxiety Feedback Loop Worksheet

Worksheet that creates a better understanding of how our anxiety presentes itself.

Cognitive Behavioral Self Treatment for OCD 

Methods for coping with thoughts and feelings brought on by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Ref: Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D.

Coping Skills 

A detailed worksheet on techniques to calm your body down when experiencing anxiety.
Ref: Therapist Aid LLC

Coping With Stress  

A worksheet  that explains stressors, symptoms of stress, as well as methods to help manage stress.

Ref: Centre for Clinical Interventions

Coping With Uncertainty

                                                                                       6 page exercise to handle and embrace uncertainty and lessen the stress that comes with it.
                                                                                                                                   Ref: Between Sessions Resources, 2022

Daily activities that promote panic  

A list of experiences that can cause feelings of anxiety and panic.

Exposure Therapy (What is)

A detailed description on how to reduce anxiety through confronting one’s fears, along with examples on Exposure Therapy methods.

Ref: Therapist Aid LLC, 2022

Fight or Flight

This worksheet explains what happens in our brain and bodies when we experience anger, or fear

General Adaptation Syndrome  

A detailed explanation of what the brain and body experience when going through physically.

Health Anxiety Thought Record  

A log for when Anxiety is experienced includes writing prompts 

Ref: Psychology Tools

How Worry Works 

 A detailed explanation of what happens to our minds and bodies when we experience worry, as well as some tips on worry management

List of Alternative Behaviors

A writing exercise for managing obsessive thoughts.

Opening Up The Flood Gates  

This page explores what happens when we entertain intrusive or anger inducing thought patterns.

Pausing During a Distressing Situation  

Five useful worksheets to help you get through challenging scenarios.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources, 2019

Postpone your Feelings  

 A worksheet for analyzing anxious thoughts.
Ref: Creative Commons psychology tools

Preparing for Difficult Conversations

5 Helpful worksheets assist you in navigating challenging dialogue with others.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources, 2021

Situational Exposure  

A detailed description on how to avoid feeling anxiety when met with triggers.

Ref: Centre Clinical Interventions

What is Rumination  

A reference page detailing the problems we face when dwelling on negative situations.

Ref: Creative Commons Psychology Tool


4-7-8 Calm Breathing Exercises  

This video helps destress all age groups by exploring breathing exercises for those experiencing anxiety.
Ref: Gozen, 2012

5 Minute Relaxation Meditation

A video featuring a relaxing exercise to help calm the mind. Fit for all age groups.

Ref: Jess Fleming, 2018

6 Exercises for Happiness

Follow Shawn Achor as he goes in depth on  6 easy methods that can help boost happiness within 30 days.

Ref: Shawn Achor, CBC News 2015

Boiling Water demonstration  

In this video, Rudolph Matheny guides us through what he calls “a metaphor for emotional awareness and emotional management.”
Ref: Rudolph Matheny, 2018

Calming cello music

Patrick Dexter plays soothing music in Ireland at sunset.
Ref: Patrick Dexter Cello, 2020

Choosing A Breathing Technique

A variety of methods for breathing to help calm an anxious body. Includes writing prompts to further help work through the situation.


A comprehensive list on what positive effects vitamins, minerals, and certain healthy foods have on the body.

Easy Relaxation for kids

Steph Janzen hosts this calming video aimed at younger audiences. It features soothing vocals, and pleasant visuals to help reduce stress.
Ref: Steph Janzen, 2014

Find Your Calm  

This meditation app has features that can help improve sleep quality, reduce stress, improve focus, and more!


These four breathing exercises can help to manage and relieve stress and anxiety.

How Breathing Affects Feelings   

This Page goes into descriptive detail on the positive effect breathing has on our feelings.
Ref: Creative Commons Psychology Tools

How To Create The Relaxation Response  

This page helps guide you through a small meditation and breathing exercise for relaxation and stress relief. 


A small guide on the power the mind has when trying to relax.


This page helps guide your child through meditation.

Nature Sounds

Soothing visuals and tranquil sounds are featured in this video meant for relaxation, studying, meditating, or sleeping.

Ref: Nature ASMR, RedinNP 2017


These 5 pages help teach you how to practice progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

Smiling Breath  

A series of guided relaxing videos that help you control your breathing through yoga.
Ref: Teens Health, Nemours Children’s Health

Take A Deep Breath  

This worksheet guides you through using cue words and a calming technique for breathing, with an explanation of the benefits.

Ref: Ravenswood Community Mental Health Center Consultation & Education Department

Take Time Out

A guided exercise that focuses on calming each muscle.

Yoga at your desk 

Adriene hosts a short 6 minute yoga sequence to help get some relaxing stretches in with the support of a chair.

Ref: Yoga With Adriene, 2014


Automatic Negative Thoughts

A simple worksheet designed to help children identify instances in which they had automatic negative thoughts

Event Feeling Worksheet

                                                                         A worksheet that helps aid mindfulness in response to certain events and the feelings they created.

                                                                                                                                       Facts For Families

                                                                                     A short write-up on family dynamics, specifically children and adolescents with depression.

Getting Along with Others

                                                                                        A thoughtful roadmap about communication skills and how to use them.

My Inner Critic

                                                                                         A worksheet that aids with self-talk and the negativity that could come with that.

                                                                                                                                              Ref: Jessie Drew, LLC.

Tasks Goals

                                                                                     A worksheet that assists task management with a very conscientious breakdown of what to do.

                                                                                                                                            Ref: Jessie Drew, LLC.

Things People Do That Bug Me

                                                                              A diagram used to assist with people skills, comfort levels, and understanding.

                                                                                                                                    Ref: SchoolCounselingFiles

What Can I do? (decision making)

                                                                                       A diagram that can be used to define options in regards to problem solving.

When I Feel I have These thoughts

                                                                                A helpful worksheet that can help discern between positive and negative thoughts/feelings.

                                                                                                                                   Ref: Jessie Drew, LLC.

Child (Anxiety)

What makes you anxious

                                                                                                      A worksheet that walks through anxiety and it’s affects in a very digestable way.

                                                                                                                                     Ref: FreePrintableBehaviorCharts


Let it go

                                                                                                 A poem addressing the idea of codependency and some things that letting go can lead to?

Signs of Codependency

                                                                                                     A comprehensive write-up about the signs of codependency and what to look for.

Cognitive Behavioral  


A diagram that breaks down emotional disturbance and the steps one should take to manage it.

Change Plan Worksheet

A worksheet used to develop a positive change and build motivation.

Ref: Dr. Henry Steinberger

Cognitive Distortion

A worksheet used to develop a positive change and build motivation.

Ref: Dr. Henry Steinberger

Cycle of Change

A description of relapse and the dangerous cycle that requires learning and thoughtfulness.

Ref: Social Work Change! (Adapted from text by Prochaska and Diclemente)

Decision Making

A worksheet that helps aid mindfulness in response to certain events and the feelings they created.

Downward Arrow

A flowchart personifying negative self-talk and the downward spiral it could lead to.


A worksheet designed to promote the importance of self-compassion

Developing Your Arsenal Against Negative Thoughts

A strengthening worksheet in managing negative thoughts and steps that could be taken to do so.

Examples of Beliefs

A write-up on self-defeatism and examples of negative self-talk that could come from it.

Going Against The Current

A small guide about the positive impacts that could come from pushing past against negative feelings.

Gratitude Journal

A helpful journal that could assist with social skills and showing appreciation.

Grounding Techniques (Mindfulness) 

A helpful journal that could assist with social skills and showing appreciation.


A write-up explaining not only how to journal, but the positive affects it could have.

Principles Underlying Functional Thinking

This page is a six-point description of personal strength and what it takes to create a functional mindset.

Questions To Ask Yourself

A list of questions that help discern between positive and negative self-talk.

Self Defeating Thoughts

More examples of negative self-talk and some examples of great alternatives that could replace negativity.

The Stages of Change  

A flowchart demonstrating the steps of change and the necessity of learning from relapse.

Ref: Psychology Tools  

Thinking Errors 

A guide to some thoughts that could be negative and what to do to spin it in a more positive direction.

Thought record (Child)

A flowchart on the rational process of thought followed by a great journal to help work through these thoughts.

Using Reality Testing 

A  worksheet that can teach the tool to understand that your thinking might not always be rational.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

What Are Core

This page describes core belief, it’s importance, and things you can do to help build this.

Ref: Therapist Aid, LLC.

What is CBT     

A description of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it could be helpful.

Ref: PsychologyTools    


Areas Of Disagreement

A worksheet designed to help both parties understand a disagreement and what can be done to remedy it.

Communication Breakdown Model

A flowchart that aids with managing conflict and finding a way to communicate.

Decreasing Criticism and Judgement in Your Relationship

A worksheet used to take a step back and start decreasing reasons for conflict.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

FIGHT RIGHT/Feeling Good

A worksheet that helps aid mindfulness in response to certain events and the feelings they created.

Ref: Parlay International 

Five Beliefs

A guide that describes thoughts and feelings that cause failures in communication.

Gottman Areas of Strength

This page is a wonderful checklist that could help define positive growth in a relationship.

Gottmann Turning Toward

Another checklist dedicated to sharing with your spouse to promote helping each other grow.

Ref: The Marriage Clinic

How Communication Breaks Down

A flowchart that demonstrates why relationships can hit rough patches and even fail.


A helpful guide to understanding your partner based on body-language and physicality.

Love Maps

A map that helps partners understand each other as well as why they feel that way.

Ref: The Sound Marital House Questionnaires

Making_Deposits into the Emotional Bank of a_ relationship

A worksheet that can be helpful to change the mindset of a couple in relation to what they do for each other.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Practicing Forgiveness

This worksheet is a wonderful tool that can help someone assess problems in their life and what they can do to fix it.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Real Map of Your Partners Life

A tool that can be utilized to better understand your partner and how they go about their days.

Roadblocks To Effective Communication

A score sheet that can help determine better ways to communicate.

Time outs

An effective way of deciphering arguments and disagreements and finding a way to make them work.

Using I Statements to Communicate Effectively

This worksheet can help find ways to make communication more efficient.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Your Marriages Perpetual Issues

This checklist can help a couple determine areas in which they could grow together.

5 C’s

The 5 C’s of communication are an excellent foundation for any relationship and could lead to very clear boundaries.

7 Ideas

These ideas are wonderful for understanding why communication can be so difficult.

Decision Making

Change, Adjust, or Leave

This page lays the groundwork for understanding three options that are available in any situation.

Guarenteed Ways to Make Yourself Miserable

This list is  for understanding how one could be responsible for their own negativity through the decisions they make.


Behavioral Activation

This page is used to decide what could be done to increase activity and slow down depression.

Ref: Center for Clinical Interventions

Creating a Hope to Achieve Your Goals

A helpful worksheet that aids in finding something to look forward to.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Creating Your Support Map

This is a great tool to help reassess values and the treatment of others.


A worksheet designed to promote the importance of self-compassion

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Developing Your Happiness Intelligence

A worksheet meant to help understand the idea of happiness and some ways to find it.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Don’t Be Alone

A worksheet meant to help occupy and uplift the user.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Do You Feel Guilty

A map that can help someone figure out how they can positively grow in their life.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Gratitude Journal

A journal with the intention of finding things to be grateful for everyday.

Guaranteed Ways to Make Yourself Miserable

This list is great for understanding how one could be responsible for their own negativity through the decisions they make.

Improving Your Self Awareness  

A wonderful tool to help someone assess their ideals of their self-image.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Preparing form Difficult Conversations

This page can be used to aid someone to have a complicated discussion that needs to be had.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources


Stopping the Cycle of Self Hatred

A tool to help break patterns in negative self-talk.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Vicious Cycle of Depression

A great demonstration of what is happening over a larger amount of time.

Ref: Center for Clinical Interventions

Visualizing a Safe Place

A tool that can be used to find comfortability in any situation.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

What Is Depression

A description of depression that helps one figure out why their mind is the way that it is.

Ref: Center for Clinical Interventions   

Wellness Wheel

Wellness Wheel is a tool that can help you see how you’re doing in 7 areas of wellness.


Home Contract

A tool that can help families decide to work together and communicate more effectively.

 Point Sheet

A helpful worksheet for determining family values such as allowance and chores. 

Suicide info for parents

A guide/walkthrough for families helping a teenage child with depression.

Understanding Consequences

A helpful worksheet designed to better help children understand their actions and the outcomes.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Goal Setting

Goal Tree

This tool is helpful for setting goals and finding ways to accomplish them.


Grief and Bereavement

A helpful guide to grief and understanding the different kinds that can occur.

Ref: Center for Clinical Interventions

Grief Facts

This page is a comprehensive guide to the facts of grief and what they entail.

Ref: TherapistAid

Tasks of Grief

A great model that can be used to better understand grief and how it can be overcome

Ref: PsychologyTools


7-8 Calm Breathing Exercises 

A video that can be used for relaxation and breathing.

Ref: GoZenOnline

5 Minute Relaxation Meditation

A video that can promote helpful relaxation tools and clear the mind.

Ref: Jess Flemming

6 Exercises for Happiness

This is a tool for mindfulness, clarity, and intention

Ref: CBC News

Boiling water demonstration

This demonstration shows why managing emotions can be so important.

Ref: R. Keeth Matheny

Easy Relaxation for kids

A great video demonstrating ways for children to relax.

Ref: Steph Janzen

Find Your Calm

This tool can be used to get a personalized plan of meditation to find your calm.

Ref: Calm

Mindfulness and Letting Go

This is a description of mindfulness and the power it can have.

Ref: Center for Clinical Interventions

Nature Sounds

This is a video to take a step back and listen to while you meditate or relax.

Ref: NatureASMR

Self – Compassion Exercise

A video that can help check-in with your mind and body.

Ref: MindfulAISD 

Self Love Challenge

A document that can help decipher steps that need to be taken to find self-love.

Self-Compassion Exercise

The video includes a check-in with your mind, body & heart, a self-compassion practice to release oxytocin &

use self-affirmations (for science & suggestions go to ,

and we close with gratitude

Smiling Breath

A great tool to help relax and create mindfulness.

Ref: KidsHealth

Stress Relief Toolkit

This page is a great toolkit for finding out about stress and how to manage it.

Yoga at your desk

A video demonstrating ways to do yoga while at a desk.

Ref: YogaWithAdrienne

Why Mindfulness is a Superpower

A video describing the power of mindfulness.

Ref: Twill


Are You Self Compassionate?

A worksheet that can be used as an exercise to assess self-talk.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Autobiography In Five Short Chapters

This is an descriptive writing that can demonstrate depression and what it can look like.

Behavior Activation (increase activity)

This page showing what the cycle of change can look like.    

Change Plan

This worksheet is a great tool for making a change that can last.

Ref: Dr. Henry Steinberger

Coping with Loneliness

A helpful worksheet that can have one understand and identify their feelings.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources


This is a great chart that can describe positive and negative outcomes of contributing to a positive family dynamic.

Dealing With Difficult People

This write-up is a great demonstration on how communication works when it’s a one-way street.

 Improving How You Feel

This is a great write-up that can help one better understand their thought cycles and feelings.

Ref: Center for Clinical Intervention

Improving Your Self Awareness

A great tool for understanding yourself and how you are perceived.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Is This The Hill I Choose To Die On

This picture demonstrates the idea of choosing your battles.

Functional Analysis

This worksheet can help with the understanding of cause and effect.

Ref: PsychologyTools


This worksheet can help anyone working on maintaining relationships.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Map Your Life

This worksheet can help make a plan for where you want to be in life.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Pain Diary

This diary can be helpful in seeing the progress made.

Preparing for Difficult Conversations

A Woksheet to identify techniques tom prepare for difficult conversations

Starfish Story

It’s a story about how important making a difference in people’s lives,

even if it is just one. It’s a great video to encourage teachers,

fostering families, and adoption parents. 

Staying Healthy

This page can help show the process of healthy thinking.

Ref: Center for Clinical Intervention

Using a Diary to manage Intense Feelings

A wonderful document that can be used to help understand thoughts feelings and emotions.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Quick Tips For Optimal Mental Health

Some wonderful tips for managing to create a better landscape in your mind.


A page dedicated to defining and demonstrating values.

Ref: PsychologyTools

Wheel of Health

This can show the affects anything in the wheel can have on your health and well-being.

Kids won’t Learn In School  

Insights on life learning lessons


Checking Uncertainty OCD

This is a great demonstrative page that can show the affects of OCD

Ref: PsychologyTools

OCD Tx Approach

A great page that can help find new ways to manage OCD.

Ref: Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD.

Situational exposure

A great tool for learning and understanding your personal limits and boundaries.

Ref: Center for Clinical Intervention

Self Esteem

Find Hope

This page can help understand that change can be made and it can be positive.

Increasing Positive Feelings

A worksheet that can be helpful in changing the nature of self-talk.

Ref: Between Sessions Resources

Guidelines for Effective Self promotion

This is a great tool for creating a positive self-image and promoting positivity.

Ref: REBT Resource Book

Thoughts to Help Increase Self-Acceptance

A great write-up that can help understand why negative self-talk occurs and how to fix it.

Ref: REBT Resource Book


Sleep tips

Tips that can help provide tips for how and why you need to get sleep.


15 stress reducers 

A list of tools that can be used to help release some of the stressors that are occurring.

Stress Relief Toolkit (chjildren)

How do we handle STRESS and find time to relax and take care of ourselves  during  difficult times?

 Ref: Verywell

Substance Abuse

Addictive Voice Recognition

An extremely helpful tool for deciphering if the addiction is talking or not.

Alcohol Tracking

A worksheet that can be used to log addictive behaviors.

Blood Alcohol Content Table

This tool is imperative for understanding limits with alcohol and how it can affect you.

Ref: Moderation Management

  Difference Between Decision to Use and Releapse (What to Look For)

Helpful list of warning signs to look out for when possibly coming towards a relapse.

Forward Steps To Recovery   

This worksheet offers methods to aid in recovering from triggers, and prevent relapse.

Ref: F. Michler Bishop,  REBT Resource Book for Practitioners, 2000

Motivation to change

A document that can help evaluate the cycle and keep the recovery process going.

Motivation to Change(2)

A handout that illustrates the different stages of motivation to change/address a problem.

Mount Recovery

This is the perfect graphic to demonstrate overcoming addiction and where it could lead.

Signs of Codependency

Warning signs of codependent behavior

The Four P’s of Prevention

This handout describes steps in preventing relapse

Urge to Use

Urge cards reinforce how using and giving into the urge just reinforces giving into urges in the future.


This handout explains how drug screens work(urinalysis)

Weekly Alcohol Averages

Data from the 2015 National Alcohol Survey (NAS) consisting of individuals residing in 50 states

and Washington DC, and looked at the number of drinks both women and men said they consumed per week on average in the previous 12 months.

Using Versus Dewcision to Use

This handout describes the difference between returning to substance use by choice or slipping(falling of the Wagon.”