Tele behavioral Counseling

Tele behavioral counseling is also referred to as online therapy. To ensure a safe, comfortable and positive experience, the following protocols are requested:

  • Please ensure no one else is in the room or within earshot. Only previously agreed upon participants will be allowed to participate
  • Online counseling is effective only when you are distraction free. Doors should be locked, cell phones on silent, outside noise eliminated, additional screens (unless otherwise agreed upon) on your computer should be closed, and all measures should be taken to ensure you are interruption free. Include a sign on your door/room to ensure privacy (if you are not locking doors).
  • For cell phone/tablet/laptop users, sessions will only be conducted in secure and private settings.
  • Prior to the session being conducted, you will be asked to use your camera to scan the room that you are in. Your therapist will do the same. This maintains confidentiality and security are maintained from both ends.
  • Insurance reimbursement for tele behavioral sessions vary from one insurance company to another. It is your responsibility to verify coverage prior to our session. If prior coverage is not verified or self-pay arrangements agreed upon before the first session, you will be responsible for our usual and customary fees. Our billing office can assist you if advance notice is given.


Online counseling provides many benefits, including convenience and easy access. It also presents some differences that are not seen in a physical setting where counseling is traditionally offered. Therefore, for your safety and to ensure a positive experience with your online counseling, we are asking for you to fill out some additional paperwork. We have included a screening form to help us better understand the concerns that bring you into counseling.  We request forms be filled out prior to the session and either emailed or faxed back to us. We can also file share at the time of the session if you save completed forms on a pdf file.

Please note, the following terms are interchangeable: 

Telemental health

Tele behavioral health

Online counseling


Click here for forms

Instructions: It is important that your browser is updated. Make sure in your settings javascript and cookies turned on. Once that is done, make sure you close all other video conferencing programs, such as Skype and Webex. To initially startup, your therapist will have to send a link to you inviting you to a platform called Zoom. You will not be required to download the software.  At the scheduled time, click on your counselors Virtual session button located on our Home Page. At that time, you will be put in a virtual waiting room until your therapist can let you in. 

Please keep in mind that if you do not see your therapist logged in when you first log in, please wait. Since we do both in-person and telehealth, he/she logs out of Zoom when they are not in a virtual session.