Myers Counseling Group Social Media PolicyCircleOfChildren

Myers Counseling Group is on several social media sites. We offer information on mental health and related issues. This information is not meant to replace therapy but present more information on topics
you could find helpful. The various social media sites are not interactive for Myers Counseling Group subscribers. I will not reply to questions submitted through these sites. If you have questions or
comments we can discuss them in session. To maintain client confidentiality and to maintain boundaries in our therapeutic relationship, I will not accept requests to friend or be friended, offer fanning or following. You are more than welcome to access my information and postings via RSS without creating a visible profile or link to my page. My social media forums are visible for anyone and do not require sign ups. I post information on my Facebook wall that does not require a following. As my client I do not expect or require you to follow me. My feeds from twitter are posted on my website in the blog section. If you follow me on twitter that is by your own choice. It will also have no bearing on our therapeutic relationship. Any correspondence we have via email will be limited in nature. I will not discuss clinical information in these correspondences. Relative information will be discussed in session and email exchanges will be limited to billing and appointment questions. Also be aware that email correspondences can become a
part of your clinical record.

Myers Counseling Group is registered on sites such as Healthgrades, Yahoo, and Yelp. These are sites used to evaluate providers. Any information you decide to post on these sites is by you own volition. I do not solicit nor discourage your feedback on these sites.

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