Almost all teenagers love to sleep in and stay up late! However this has a legitimate cause that can’t be helped!  This is caused by circadian rhythms, or our biological clocks changing by as much as two hours during the adolescent years! These clocks typically make it difficult for a teenager to fall asleep before 11 pm, but then waking up on time becomes almost impossible because teenagers can’t get the full 8-9 hours of sleep that they require. The lack of sleep causes sleep deprivation, which can lead to a series of problems such as memory impairment, poor academic and athletic performance, and worsened decision-making skills, along with so many others. Recently, there have been major pushes to get school boards to push high schools to start at a later time in order to allow students to pay more attention in their classes. Many school districts all across the country have already began these changes, which happen to be widely supported by residents. This would also lessen the amount of groggy teenage drivers, along with less caffeinated or stimulant drinks being used. The later start times would cause an increase in transportation costs, but it would also allow teenagers dealing with sleep deprivation- a majority of them- to get more sleep.

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