Individual Counseling

Individuals can struggle with different challenges. Whether it be getting out of a rut, having difficulties with a change in life, or facing a major mental health issue, we can help. Each person facing the unique challenge that brings them into counseling will benefit from our experienced therapists. Support, feedback, insight, or strategies (or all the above) to address their problems are among advantages individuals will find in participating in counseling. We have experience in addressing a wide variety of problems including Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Grief, Stress, Decision Making, Bipolar Disorder, Medical Issues, or other major life issues.

Family Counseling (Online)

Myers Counseling Group feels counseling is an important and helpful way to repair relationships, improve communications, and resolve issues within families. No matter what the challenge- blended family challenges, parenting, conflict, life transitions or challenges, we can assist families in navigating their way towards healthier home environments. Myers staff will offer guidance, support, and tools to facilitate care. We provide the opportunity to resolve issues in a safe and productive environment.  


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Children Counseling

We address behavioral and emotional concerns that children are facing. Myers Counseling Group therapists will work with children and parents in providing an individual approach to the concerns that the child is facing. We will work with the child and parents in developing useful tools and strategies to address the presenting challenges. Therapists will work in conjunction with parents in implementing strategies. Once the proper releases are signed by a parent, we will also collaborate with schools and doctors to provide additional support and resources.

Adolescence Counseling

Adolescence can be a difficult period in life for both the youth and the parent. At Myers Counseling Group we are well experienced in addressing adolescent challenges. We work with the family (parent and youth) in assisting them through the difficulties that they are addressing. Our therapists will offer guidance, support and useful tools to assist families. In some cases, we will meet individually with the adolescent. In those situations, parent input is still encouraged. We also collaborate with doctors and schools to provide additional support and resources.

Couples Counseling

At Myers Counseling Group we work with couples in addressing different problem areas that can impact relationships. Couples can seek out counseling to address a variety of different concerns including communication problems, lack of intimacy, trust issues, infidelity, or other couple issues. We collaborate with them in developing strategies and techniques to attend to the presenting concerns. Couple challenges are unique to each couple. Therapists plan our sessions to help improve relationships and develop stronger connections between couples.

Geriatric Counseling

Geriatric counseling can assist individuals facing emotional or physical issues related to aging. We can offer guidance and support in addressing the challenges a person may be facing at this stage of life. Myers Counseling Group staff can assist in concerns that the elderly may be facing, including coping with medical challenges, the transition to retirement, loss issues, and changes in family structure.


Substance Abuse Counseling

Individuals and families facing a substance use disorder can find that challenge overwhelming. Feeling hopeless, frustrated, scared, angry and confused are common feelings individuals experience with this issue. Myers Counseling offers its unique and expert counseling to address a substance use disorder. We work with individuals and families to develop strategies for recovery. Myers Counseling Group has worked at all levels of care (inpatient, Intensive Out Patient, Aftercare, Private Practice) as well as teaching courses in substance abuse and authoring a book on substance abuse. One size does not fit all and we individualize our approach to meet the needs of our clients.


Motivational Awareness Program (MAP):

MAP offers individualized Drug and Alcohol education for Adult individuals who are court ordered or mandated from work. This program offers educational and motivational tools to assist participants with decision making in regards to drug and alcohol use.

Clinical Supervision

Janet Myers, LCSW, PEL will offering individual and group clinical supervision for those interested in becoming an LCSW or looking for clinical guidance.  Weekend and evening groups are available. Groups are currently forming and can be provided on site to agencies or schools after 4pm on Mondays or Wednesdays. Supervision is provided on a weekly basis as clinical consultation with individual, group, and family cases.  Please contact  for more information.

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Substance Abuse Testing

Myers Counseling offers on and off-site drug testing. Off-site chain of custody includes hair analysis,
urinalysis, and synthetic substance abuse testing. The labs we use are NIDA approved. On-site include oral testing Confirmation of positive screens. These are 5 to 10-panel screens, depending on the test.

Anger Management

Groups are available for a variety of ages from children to adults.This eight-week group covers how and why we become angry and what can be done to manage ourselves in a more effective manner. Stress management, communication skills, and understanding anger triggers are included to help participants develop lifelong strategies for anger management. Group activities focus on issues that are appropriate to the age and make up of the group.