Therapy Groups are run according to need. We offer them year round but the start of a group is dependent on the number and makeup of group members.  To find out times and costs, please contact us at (815)308-3368 or  

Current Groups Available

Clinical Supervision

Janet Myers, LCSW, PEL will offering individual and group clinical supervision for those interested in becoming an LCSW or looking for clinical guidance.  Weekend and evening groups are available. Groups are currently forming and can be provided on site to agencies or schools after 4pm on Mondays or Wednesdays. Supervision is provided on a weekly basis as clinical consultation with individual, group, and family cases.  Please contact  for more information.

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Focus offers teenagers experimenting with drugs and alcohol an opportunity to understand and explore the impact of substance use and abuse on themselves their relationships, and the community. A parent component is included in this group to facilitate discussion between parent and teen with regard to alcohol and other drugs click.

Motivational Awareness Program:  source

go here MAP offers individualized Drug and Alcohol education for Adult individuals who are court ordered or mandated from work. This program offers educational and motivational tools to assist participants with decision making in regards to drug and alcohol use.  

 Substance Abuse Testing

Myers Counseling offers on and off-site drug testing. Off-site chain of custody includes hair analysis,
urinalysis, and synthetic substance abuse testing. The labs we use are NIDA approved. On-site include oral testing Confirmation of positive screens. These are 5 to 10-panel screens, depending on the test.  


Anger Management (on going)

dreamstime_xs_37613212Anger Management Groups are available for a variety of ages from children to adults.This eight-week group covers how and why we become angry and what can be done to manage ourselves in a more effective manner. Stress management, communication skills, and understanding anger triggers are included to help participants develop lifelong strategies for anger management. Group activities focus on issues that are appropriate to the age and make up of the group.



Groups that are not currently running but may be offered at a future time.

Girls Group

Girls group

Girls Group is a 10 week group for girls who have challenges with self- confidence and peer interaction. The group helps members to identify and use their own strengths to grow into confident, positive adolescents.

The group focuses on

* Building positive self-esteem

* Making and maintaining positive peer relationships

* Learning effective emotional regulation tools

These important life skills are developed through education, group discussion, role playing, creative art activities and journaling.

The group is open to girls 8 to 17 and groups are broken up according to age and maturity to meet member’s needs.

Making Friends Group

friends group
Making Friends Group is a coed social skills group for children and pre-teens ages 4 to 17 years of(groups are broken up by age and maturity level) who are addressing concerns related to ADHD, Asperger’s, and other emotional challenges. This 8-week group focuses on building relationships through the development and practice of effective communication skills attention regulation, conflict resolution and more. The group uses engaging activities such as role plays, games, and art to teach these new skills as well as provides activities to practice at home and in the school and community setting


Making Connections

This group focuses on the education and connection of communication skills, attention regulation techniques, and conflict resolution tools to assist in the development of positive peer relationships. The group also works on identification and development of positive self-esteem and emotional regulation skills to again assist members with feeling more confident and comfortable making and maintaining those peer relationships. These important life skills are facilitated through educational materials, group discussion, games, role plays and art. This is an 8- week coed group for ages 5 to 17.  Groups are broken up according to age and maturity to meet members’ needs. Contact:  Mark Myers/ Myers Counseling Group  815-308-3368 ext. 102 or