What is the length of time therapy usually lasts?

The length of time an individual participates in therapy varies. Factors that influence this would include: an individual’s motivation, depth of problem, external and internal resources, and response to treatment. Some individuals may respond quickly to therapy and may need only a few sessions. Others may have more complicating factors that would necessitate therapy lasting longer.


How long do sessions last?

Sessions usually last 45 to 60 minutes. The first session may take a little longer.


How much does it cost?

Most therapy is covered by insurance [see MCG’s insurance section]. You may have a deductible or copayment which varies with each insuance and insurance plan. Check with your insurance company to see what your benefits are. If you are not sure how to access your benefits, you can contact us and we will assist you.


Who else will know that I am going to therapy?

Your participation in therapy will be kept confidential. What you say to your therapist stays between the two of you. Unless your permission is received in writing, your therapist will not be able to even acknowledge that he or she is meeting with you. This is your right according to Federal and State laws and by the governing body of Social Workers. The only exceptions to this are when there is a threat to yourself, threat to others, child or elderly endangerment, or court subpoenas.


What usually takes place in sessions?

Usually the first session covers a lot of general information your therapist needs to know. The therapist will ask many questions to get an indication of your areas of concern, how long these have been an issue, family background and history, support systems, and other information that might prove helpful in evaluating your problem. Your therapist will be taking notes during the first session. Subsequent sessions will be more interactive. You may be given handouts and/or assignments to further educate you and provide you with more resources to address your problem.


Who should attend the first session?

It is recommended that all parties involved attend the first session. If you are coming for couple counseling, both partners should attend. The same would apply for parent child concerns. This would allow everyone to feel like they are starting on equal footing. Each party will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns with everyone present. There may be exceptions in cases involving ​ young children. Other situations could involve exceptions to this as well. Please check with your therapist if you have questions about this.