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                                             Leaving is the First Step in the Journey (Fall 2022)

                                                   Swords, Pandemics, and Return to Normalcy  (Fall 2021)

                                                   Pandemic or Greek Tragedy (Holiday Newsletter 2021)

                                                   Pandemics, Anxiety, & Whac-A-Mole (Spring/Summer 2020)

A Disease Wrapped in a Pandemic  Part Three in COVID-19 series (Spring 2020)

Parents and Children LearningTogether in COVID-19 Part two in COVID-19 series (Spring 2020)

Maintaining Our Emotional Health in Times of Crisis  Part one in COVID-19 series (Spring 2020)

Smart Phone Addiction Winter 2020

When the Band Stops Playing (Fall 2019)

All About Vaping: Spring (2019)

Your Role for College Prep: A Student Perspective: Part 2 (Winter 2018) **

Your Role for College Prep: A Parents Guide: Part 1 (Winter 2018) **

Weighing Out Your Options: Marijuana Costs and Benefits: Part 3 (Fall 2017) **

Medical Marijuana: Understanding More: Part 2 (Fall 2017) **

Understanding the Journey of Marijuana: Going From Here to There: Part 1 (Fall 2017) **

The Impact of Habitual Lying: (Spring 2017)

Substance Abuse and Our Brains: Challenges for Recovery   Part 3 (Winter 2017) **

Anxiety Disorders, Our Brains, and Downward Cycle  Part 2 (Fall 2016) **

Depression and Our Brains Part 1 (Fall 2016) **

Benefits of Music   (Summer 2016) **

Talking To Ourselves, Not a Bad Thing?  (Winter 2016) **

Addressing the Needs of Aging Family Members: Part 3 (Fall 2015) **

Addressing The Needs of Aging Family Members: Part 2 (Fall 2015) **

Addressing the Needs of Aging Family Members: Part 1 (Fall 2015) **

School Anxiety, (Fall 2015) **

Anxiety: More Than Just Worry Part 2 (Spring 2015) **

Anxiety: More Than Just Worry  Part 1 (Spring 2015) **

Suicide and Suicide Prevention (Spring 2015) **

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, What Now? Part 3 (Fall 2014) **

Is It Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or is it…?  Part 2 (Fall 2014) **

Gaining a Better Understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder– Part 1 (Fall 2014) **

Understanding  Depression In Children– (Spring 2014) **

Seasonal Affective Disorder – (Winter 2014) **

Substance Abuse – Part 4 (Fall 2013) **

Substance Abuse – Part 3 (Fall 2013) **

Substance Abuse – Part 2 (Fall 2013) **

Substance Abuse (Fall 2013) **

School Refusal (Fall 2012) **

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (Spring 2012) **

Parenting Your Special Needs Child (Winter 2012) **

Youth and Sports (Fall 2011) **

Sleep Tight (Spring 2011) **

Medical Issues impact on Mental Health (Winter 2011) **


Understanding More About Marijuana: Recreational versus Medical

Mark’s ebook on Substance Abuse

Exercise Addiction and Steroid Abuse

A Guide to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Resource Guide For Families Addressing Elderly Family Needs


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