Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Leah Scanlan, LCPC, Coordinator for Aspen Counseling and Consulting in Rockford presents information on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).  TMS is a nonevasive type of therapy that is used for individuals suffering from chronic depression.   click to listen

Woman for Sobriety, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women overcome alcoholism and other addictions. It is, in fact, the first national self-help program for women alcoholics. Susie, a Director at Woman for Sobriety, presents information about the program.  Click here to listen. go here

visit web page Benefits of  Theatre for High School Students.

Ben Stoner, Director of Crystal Lake High School theater department discusses benefits for youth in participation in theater.  Click here to listen

Medication for Substance Abuse click at this page

Dr. Larsen, Gateway Medical Director

Dr. Larsen discusses information on drugs, alcohol, and role of medication in substance abuse treatment. Click here to listen here

Social Skills for Special Needs Children click to see more One particular area that most of us take for granted is social skills. It is an essential part of our being able to coexist in society. Most of us take this skill for granted. Children with special needs can struggle in this area. This skill or ability does not come easy for them. This podcast presents information on social skills and suggestions for parents in helping their special needs child.  Click here to listen

this web page The Benefits of Music 

Terry Guynes from Lundahl Middle School discusses benefits of music for youth. Click here to listen.

Smart Recovery.

Patrick, a volunteer from Smart Recovery, presents information on the program. Smart Recovery is a self-help group that helps people recover from their addiction. click here to listen

Brave Heart Therapeutic Riding School,

Sarah Newland from the Braveheart Therapeutic Riding School presents information on her program. Sarah discusses the benefits of equestrian therapy and populations it could help. click here to listen

Options 4 Health

Interview with Sandy Carmichael. Sandy discusses holistic healing options available. click here to listen

Intervention Interview with Michael Loverde. Family First Intervention.

Mike Loverde, from Family First Interventions, presents information on intervention. Substance abuse or other types of addictive behaviors can significantly impact not just the abuser/addict, but family members as well. Mike presents information on what families can do to help. click here to listen

Eating Disorder therapy with Jean Vargas, from Jean Vargas and Associates

Jean Vargas, from Jean Vargas and Associates, presents information on Eating Disorders. She discusses signs, symptoms, and treatment approaches. click here to listen

Talking About Curing Autism Volunteer, Linda Betzold

Linda Betzold, Volunteer Coordinator for TACA discusses her program and information for parents of autistic children. click to listen

Dr. Jay Stone, Hypnotherapist

Dr. Jay Stone presents information on hypnosis. He discusses the benefits of hypnosis and how we can use it in our everyday lives. click to listen

Occupational Therapist from Kids Therapy, Melissa Inglese

Melissa, from Kids Therapy, presents information on the benefits of occupational therapy for children. click to listen

Senior Counselor at University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, WI   Vicki Wahler

Vicki Wahler, Senior Counselor at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside presents information on her job as a senior counselor. She explains what future college students can expect in transitioning to college. click to listen

Family Law and Divorce, Lawrence Manassa,

Mark interviews attorney Lawrence Manassa from Manassa Hartman Lawfirm. ManassaHartman is a family law practice located in Barrington Illinois. Lawrence explains the litigation process in divorce and his perspective as an attorney. The impact divorce can have on families can be devastating. Lawrence offers a unique perspective on this process as well as suggestions on how couples should approach it. Click to listen



Mark’s interview with