When an event happens and another separate event results from that, that is referred to as a ripple effect  or secondary effect. For instance, if an earthquake erupts, the effects of that may create a Tsunami. If  a war starts in one country, the stock market could react to that by stocks plummeting.  Sometimes the secondary effects are based on natural  cause and effect factors( I eat a peanut, I am allergic to peanuts, I get sick), and other times they are based on perceptions (Unemployment is up, economy must be bad, I will not spend money).  What could influence an individual secondary effect is life experiences, individual perceptions, and personalities and other factors.  When it comes to human emotions, people experience secondary effects as well.

If a person has a set back in life,  he/she is naturally going to be sad. For example, a man finds out that his wife is going to divorce him. Most likely he will feel down about it. If he gets angry at himself for feeling sad, he would be introducing a secondary effect. In this case it is not natural and certainly making his plight more challenging. What could promote a secondary effect is someone who has low confidence in them self,  has high expectations or unrealistic standards, or tends to over think situations. Sometimes, the focus on a secondary effect may prevent someone from focusing on the primary issue. If a woman is worried about how she is presenting herself to coworkers after the loss of a loved one, this may prevent her from addressing the primary issue of grief.

What is helpful is approaching the primary challenge with clear and realistic expectations of your self. Identify what are typical emotions a person would feel addressing the challenge you are experiences.  Support groups, therapists, and self help reading would be productive routes to go in understanding what are normal feelings. If  you journal, that could also be helpful. Sometimes writing down your thoughts gives you a different view. Keeping thoughts swimming around in your head could create rumination and crerating additional challenges aside from the issue at hand.