By: Lexy Moscinski

Everyone experiences a different level of feeling. Whether those feelings are intense or mild, dealing with certain emotions can be difficult.

This all relates to bottling up one’s feelings – whether we’re holding back tears in an attempt to appear calm and collected, or suppressing the love we feel for another to avoid embarrassment or relational discomfort, we’re silencing our true feelings which is far from healthy.

Bottling up one’s feelings is like constantly filling a balloon with air. That balloon can only stretch so far till the pressure causes it to burst, releasing all of the air that was pushing against its insides. This metaphor is very similar to what happens to those who can no longer hold in their emotions. Those who bottle their feelings are much more likely to have extreme emotional outbursts that are fueled by an amalgamation of emotions that have built up for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Dealing with many strong emotions all in one instance not only causes mental instability, but physical instability as well – those who are overwhelmed with emotions often experience anxiety and stress, which causes a variety of symptoms such as: racing heart, tremors, shortness of breath and even panic attacks.

In regards to this, it’s important to evaluate your feelings and to let yourself express them in a positive way. You can indulge in one of your hobbies, or talk to a friend/family member about any issues you may be having – while doing either of these things may not be easy, it’s essential for your wellbeing. Self-expression is necessary for mental (and physical) stability, and you should never feel weak or guilty for allowing yourself to feel, whether those feelings are positive or negative. All people deserve to be heard, including you.