The “No Child Left Behind” legislation requires schools to provide educational review and assistance for students in general education classes who may struggle or have needs in a particular area. RTI stands for Response to Intervention, a process whereby schools provide assistance to students to enhance and enrich their learning or success in school.  RTI generally uses a three tier model like a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid is Tier 1. Tier 1 identification and interventions occur in the classroom and may be school wide including differentiated instruction to teach to the strengths of each child including classroom reward systems or incentives to encourage participation or reward skills or behavior that are essential to student growth. Tier 2 interventions are comprised of assistance that may occur outside of the classroom or inside the classroom. These may be group or individually focused based on what may be needed including math or reading pull out groups to assist students in learning skills that will enhance and improve their skills. For students with behavioral or emotional difficulties, this may include participation in a group or individual counseling services at school. Tier 3 or the top of the pyramid usually consists of interventions provided in another context, individual, group, or pull out services or consultation with specialized education personnel to collect data and tailor individualized interventions. The goal of the educational team at each level is to provide assistance to general education students that will address their identified needs. In addition, collection of data occurs at all levels to assist teachers, staff, and administrators in determining the success of interventions. As a child responds to interventions and strengthens the skills they need to strengthen, they will, over time, have less need for the intervention. Progress is continually monitored by the educational team to ensure that students receive the support they need when they need it and only for as long as it is needed.