You are what you eat – quite literally.

While we’ve always known our diet has an effect on our physical health, new research shows that our brain actually functions differently depending on our diet.

Consuming healthier foods with plenty of “antioxidants, minerals and vitamins” help prevent our brain from “oxidative stress” which can damage cells. On the other hand, eating highly processed foods can cause inflammation and stress.

It’s also been found that your diet can change your mood. “95 percent of serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract, and it’s lined with 100 million neurons. When there are no good bacteria in your intestinal microbiome, you can expect to have problems with your appetite, sleep, and mood.” It seems our stomachs really do have a mind of their own, considering how much our diet can impact the entirety of our wellbeing.

Healthier foods contain plenty of good bacteria that benefits our mind and body.

If you find yourself eating a processed diet, try switching to healthier options and see how it impacts your mood and wellbeing over a couple weeks. If you stick with healthier options, and then reintroduce your processed favorites, you’ll very quickly begin to see the difference your diet makes.