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Covid-19 Insurance Update for Telehealth

2020 was a unique and challenging year. Insurance companies were able to recognize this and offered the ability for individuals, families, and couples to visit with their therapist through telehealth counseling. There are some insurance companies that always allowed telehealth therapy, but others allowed this exception due to the Pandemic.

Each insurance company has its own policy. Unfortunately, not all insurance allows for this. It is difficult from our end to determine which company allows for telehealth counseling and which do not. Policies are changing daily. There are insurance companies that are making these changes with little notice to providers and clients.

Please be advised it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact your insurance company to determine if they allow for telehealth coverage. If services are denied, you can be responsible for the full session fee. If there are any additional questions regarding your insurance we can assist to determine coverage. If you are in doubt about the coverage, we suggest delaying your session until you can confirm telehealth will be covered.

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