Marijuana is viewed by some as a safe drug. There are individuals who attest to the fact that it helps relax them and believe it has medicinal effects.  A recent study demonstrates that this may not be the case.  The study indicated that marijuana may actually complicate their mood disorders . The findings conclude “that…



Inevitably, If a child is caught smoking marijuana, and are confronted by their parents about their use, they will defend their action. The age old response “but everyone at school smokes” most likely will be accessed. This may perceptually seem accurate to them, but statistically it is not. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration…



A part of the human brain, orbital frontal cortex, is thought to represent emotion and reward in decision making. A study conducted on individuals who never smoked marijuana and those who were regular smokers, found less gray matter in the users. This means that region is better connected than nonusers and flow of traffic is faster…



Currently, in almost every state, the legalization of marijuana is becoming a very important topic. However, even in the states that DO choose to legalize marijuana, it will remain illegal for everyone under the age of 18. Due to the new, easier access to marijuana, the amount of marijuana-related disorders found in minors has dramatically…



Marijuana has become the most commonly used illicit drug. Some users present the reason for their use is purely recreational. For others, it may be used as a form of self medicating. “In the brain, endocannabinoids usually activate cannabinoid receptors, which are involved in regulating appetite, pain, memory and mood, among other physiological processes.However, past…



The common association of creativity and use of cannabis has recently been disproved scientifically. In fact, recent findings show that the opposite is true. A study done on the intake of the psychoactive ingredient THC shows that those who ingest a high dosage cannot perform mental tasks as well as those who ingested a low…



Experimentation with marijuana for High School youth is not that unusual for this age group.  When parents discover a child to be using most likely a discussion will follow.  Continued use will bring along more discussions. A majority of youth will counter their parent’s concern by presenting “everyone in high school does it”. This leaves…



From your description, you have two issues you are dealing with, depression and dependency on Marijuana. Both of those issues should be considered. There is a likelihood, they both may be contributing to each other, creating a feedback loop. If you are depressed you could enjoy the escape that comes from the high. The residual…



Today is April 20th. This day takes on special significance for individuals immersed in Cannabis use . It is used to identify oneself with Cannabis use culture. 420(pronounced four-twenty) is based on the number as well as the event. Although that are different beliefs of it’s origins, the most consistent theory is the term was…



Growing numbers of people in the South East are using a form of cannabis believed to put users more at risk of psychosis than other forms of the drug click for more