Many experts previously believed that emotion recognition was the root problem in eating disorders, but as more research is being developed, another possible root has emerged. They believe these disorders come from a comorbid condition. This condition creates a difficulty in understanding these emotions properly, which is generally associated with alexithymia, which is typically considered a personality trait….



Eating Disorder is an illness that can cause significant problems in someone’s life. It is life threatening disorder that involves a person’s obsession with food, body weight, and shape. These obsessions could lead to death. Estimates regarding it’s prevalence have been estimated as high as “20 million woman and 10 million men suffer from a…



Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) impacts individuals of all ages. It is not unusual for another diagnosis to coexist along with ADHD. Some recent findings suggest that there is a higher likelihood of those diagnosed with ADHD to also have an eating disorder diagnosis. Particularly, they are more likely to have a binge eating or…



A study at UCLA has revealed that two very serious illnesses, anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder have very similar brain abnormalities, but this is not very surprising given that both types of people are most concerned with having a perfect appearance in their eyes. The researchers discovered that one potential cause, focusing primarily on…