Diagnosing a mental health condition is not always an exact science. There have been many advancements in the mental health field understanding disorders in recent years. However, despite our knowledge, a diagnosis still lends itself to some subjectivity. We rely on the individual’s interpretation, family’s impressions, and support systems information to determine a diagnosis. This…



Paracetamol is a common drug used during pregnancies, but there has recently been a link between the drug and autism, as well as ADHD. The study shows different effects between boys and girls, one of the major differences being two different clinical symptoms are experienced by boys when exposed to the drug. When children were…



Autism Spectrum Disorder affects about 3.5 million people across America, and has been talked about for decades by researchers. ASD has always been thought of as a brain condition, but new research from Harvard Medical School suggests ASD may affect the peripheral nerves (all other nerves outside the spinal cord/brain). Mice with similar genetic mutations…



Brain chemistry has made many advances in the last few years. The medical field has gained a much better understanding of how our brain works. “MIT and Harvard University neuroscientists have found a link between a behavioral symptom of autism and reduced activity of a neurotransmitter whose job is to dampen neuron excitation. The findings…



Brain connections may have an impact on developing emotional disorders. Premature babies have been known to have a greater risk to having Attention Deficit hyperactive Disorder and Autism. According to a recent study, “preterm infants have abnormal structural brain connections.”  Weak connections in critical brain networks were prevailant  in this study. If these findings hold…



Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-evasive method  used to stimulate small regions in the brain. A coil is connected to a generator that sends out electrical currents and placed on a patients head. It has been used for treatment of pain and major depression and currently, its use is being evaluated for use with Autism….



In a research study, children with high autistic characteristics did not do as well in problem solving then their counterparts. However, the children with autism were found to be more original and creative. Participants were given a test to measure autistic traits and questions geared toward problem solving abilities, or what is referred to divergent…



Experts have always been under the belief that children who fall under the Autistic Disorder Spectrum, cannot or have difficulties reading other peoples emotions. This leads to their lack of empathy or ability to gauge responses that are consistent or appropriate to the social situation at hand. Candida Peterson of the University of Queensland in…



  A study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reviewed a early intervention program called Early Start Denver Model (ESDM).  This program provides intensive services for children diagnosed with autism. The program involves 4 hours a day of therapy, targeting particular skills a child may be lacking. The children…



Researchers at Ohio State and Children’s Hospital have found a  link between prodigies and autism.  The link is present on one of the chromosomes found in humans. This could help explain how prodigies and autistic children develop, along with allowing geneticists to understand autism and potentially block it from developing. The link had been discovered…