Adjusting to a new school year can be exciting and difficult for some kids.  Worries are natural.  Helping your child ease back into the school year and navigating some of the anxiety of a new school year requires support both at home and at school.  Some helpful tips for your child’s first day:   Listen…



  Mirror writing is writing in reverse of the way the text is supposed to be written. The writing would appear normal if written in a mirror. Traditionally, it was believed that individuals did this when there was neurological damage to their brain. People who have Parkinson Disease, mild dementia, or a stroke  would mirror…



Anxiety presents itself in many different sizes, shapes and forms. The intensity, frequency, and duration vary from person to person.  Anxiety has both physical and physiological components to it.  The physical component consists of an individuals reaction to anxiety. This would include: rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, dizziness, sweating, feeling panicky, and/or upset stomach. These…



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