If you have depression and find that an alcoholic beverage actually “numbs” the pain, you’re not wrong. According to research, consumption of alcohol has the same type of chemical effects on the brain that antidepressants do, but in a much more rapid manner (although it is highly advised to not depend on this method, or…



For those individuals who struggle with a depressive disorder, a new tool in fighting their symptoms is at their disposal.  Omega 3- Fatty acids have been found to provide symptom relief for those who may be resistant to traditional forms of anti depression medication. “Your body uses inflammation as a defense to protect against disease or…



Antidepressants don’t always work the way we hope for depressive symptoms. Recently, a series of unexpected treatments have been discovered! These new treatments may help avoid some of the side effects of antidepressants, such as weight gain, nausea, and insomnia. Some of these treatments have been used for things we would not normally associate with…



A recent study of thousands found that talk therapy was more helpful than antidepressants for those suffering from social anxiety disorder. Talk therapy helps patients challenge their fears deemed irrational or harmful and also allows them to overcome their social issues, such as avoidance of social situations. These proved to be more effective than medication,…



Americans are popping more antidepressants than ever before to deal with everyday stress, and non-psychiatrists are increasingly willing to prescribe the drugs to patients with no mental health diagnosis, a new study finds click for more



A study published in The British Medical Journal this month raises questions about the risks of antidepressant medications for adults 65 and older who have been diagnosed with depression. The major conclusion of the article — that care should be taken in prescribing and in selecting which antidepressant medication to prescribe for older adults —…