Medication for children with ADHD seem to be the first option in most cases, but Florida International University has found when behavioral therapy is used as a treatment option first, children seem to respond much better than simply starting with only medication. The Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology further proved this finding after publishing a study showing “drugs were most effective when added as a second-line treatment for children who needed it — and often at doses that were lower than normally prescribed.”

Data as such shows a possible “reconsideration” in treatment of children with ADHD. Instead of relying on medications, using only therapy or a combination of drugs and therapy can fare the child with much better and/or faster development. The advice doctors give to parent of the children may also change, and the family involvement in treatment will to. Children may be able to avoid some unwanted side effects, such as appetite issues or delayed growth. The data found can significantly change not only treatment options, but also the lives of the 6.4 million children (aged 4-17) diagnosed with ADHD in the US.  click for more