Most people who associate suicide with depression however, a recent study may cast some doubt on to that impression. Suicide is rare among children (ages 5-11). But for those under 12 years of age, ADHD seems a more common diagnosis than depression for those who did commit suicide. A small sample size of children who committed suicide (87 children) were compared to adolescents (606) who did and compared the differences. “About a third of the children of each group had a known mental health problem. The very young who died by suicide were most likely to have had attention deficit disorder, or A.D.D., with or without accompanying hyperactivity. By contrast, nearly two-thirds of early adolescents who took their lives struggled with depression.”

With a small sample size, we can draw any substantial conclusions but these statistics may lend to take closer looks at behavior. These findings would suggest that suicide, or attempts at suicide, may be more impulsive (reflective of behaviors associated with ADHD). Other factors could influence these findings, such as inaccurate diagnosis, as there are challenges that often come with diagnosing children that age. click for more