Often times with medical or mental health challenges we are faced with chicken or egg scenarios. For instance, children in general are not known for having well thought out plans. They are impulsive buy nature. Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD) especially so. As a result, not so healthy choices can be made without giving much thought to consequences of their choices. This can lead to more problems in addressing symptoms related to their diagnosis. “According to the study results, children with ADHD were more likely to consume artificially sweetened juice, less likely to read for more than one hour per day, more likely to have more than two hours of screen time per day, and more likely to engage in fewer hours of physical activity during the week. Parents of children with ADHD were also much more likely to report that their children have difficulty falling asleep, to report concern about their child’s sleep habits, and fear that sleep problems may be leading to behavior issues.”

As difficult as it may seem, trying to encourage healthy lifestyle pursuits may lessen the severity of symptoms. This study does not present a causal relationship but surmise that lack of sleep, poor nutrition can exasperate ADHD symptoms. The article suggests further study into this area is needed. click for more