The staff at Myers Counseling Group hope your holiday season went well. Now that we are facing the winter without the distraction of the holidays, some may find this a difficult time, The Winter Blues can take form in different ways. We all feel dips in mood around now. There are individuals who can really struggle during this time of year. Regardless of where you might see yourself, it could benefit you to see a previous newsletter on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Click here for more information.

Our Winter 2016 newsletter, it is titled,“Self-Talk, Not a bad Thing?” This article presents information on how impactful our self-talk could be. It also discusses strategies to change negative self-talk and improve our lives. We are also excited to introduce a new therapist to our practice. Janet Myers will be working with us and providing counseling individual, couple, and family counseling. Please visit her profile for more information.

Mark’s next workshop will be on gaining a better understanding of the human brain, current research on the brain, and the brain’s role in mental health issues. Strategies will also be discussed to overcome our brain’s default system. Click here to reserve a spot for Mental Health versus our Brains: A Battle Being Fought. Visit our website for the latest information on mental health and substance abuse issues.

“Our stories become self-fulfilling; we will always live up to the story. So make it a desired one.”

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Gaining an Understanding of Neurocognitive Disorders

Talking to Ourselves, Not a Bad Thing?

It’s probably difficult to discuss talking to yourself with others; they may see it as strange, or unhealthy. Realistically, none of those conclusions are true. Talking to yourself is quite normal and happens more frequently then you realize. All of us have our own internal dialogue or self-talk. We may not be conscious of it all the time, but it exists in everyone. Some studies estimate that we talk ourselves at the rate of 150 – 300 words a minute, or nearly 50,000 thoughts a day. It is our way of giving ourselves feedback and making sense of the world outside us. Being aware of our self-thoughts or internal dialogue could have a significant impact on our lives.

Here’s an example of how self-talk could make a difference …Click for more: